TEMPORARY and FIXED SANITIZER STATIONS Nicola’s Charm have manufactured a range of Precision Laser Cut STEEL Hand Sanitizer Stations which can be customized for your business, venue, event or environment.

The Charm Temporary Clip On Station above. (Totally suitable indoor or outdoor). This is a station that if you need to take it on or off you can, very handy for events!!

We also have a Fixed Station which is fitted with 4 drill holes onto your area.(Totally suitable Indoor or Outdoor). Very useful now in certain environments for example , the Gym, the Tennis Clubhouse, The stadium, Stable, Farm, Kennels , The Swimming Pool, Vets and many other places.

The Hand Sanitizer Stations can all be customized and sized/shaped for you!!! They can be manufactured from Marine Grade Stainless Steel Premium 316, Stainless Steel 304, Aluminium or Corten. Charm Design Team, can advise on which STEEL is best for your specification. Charm always want to ensure they are safe and effective.

They can be Precision Laser Cut with a logo or kiwi or initials or something special to your environment!!

The Stations can be powder coated in a colour of your choice or some resin added if you would like.

Nicola’s Charm can also provide the relevant “Hand Sanitizer” for the unit or of course you can use your own. The stations could also be used for sunscreen stations in the summer.

CHARM SANITIZER STATIONS are at very competitive prices ranging from $20.00 a unit. (We offer a Free Render and Quote – we can work from a photograph for your area if you have some size in mind, from a rough drawing or by talking and we deliver worldwide.

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